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Brian Theriot, one of UCLA’s track and field greats, recorded a mile time of 3:56 and 800 meters of 1:45.79. He is pictured here at a 1980 track meet at UCLA’s Drake Stadium. Photo by Bob Stevens

The Theriot family as a whole remains longtime guests and owners of property in Northern California, specifically the hamlet of Castella, located in Shasta County south of Dunsmuir by 6 miles. We own the historic Castle Stone Cottages. We purchased the cottages over ten years ago after my spending months in a year since 1958 visiting my grandparents in Castella. Low and behold after their passing we rented many places and eventually were lucky enough to secure the Castle Stone Cottages.

My special experiences of course include fly fishing and bait fishing in the epic waters of the Upper Sacramento River as well as the legendary lakes of Shasta and Siskiyou. The area from Castella to Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta cities is experiencing fabulous business growth since and recovering from the tragic poison spill that victimized the region decades ago as a result of a train accident and spill.

The story I tell here is not related to the magnificent use of the outdoors from fishing or hunting perspective, but rather from the view of a former world class track and field athlete, myself, hailing from Newport Harbor High School and UCLA, two of the nation’s great in the sport. My training for decades including three United States Olympic Trials took place along the trails and into the hills of Castella and Mt. Shasta.

The proof is in the pudding for multi-sport training as my son, Trevor Theriot, was an All-CIF running back for Newport Harbor High then became starting fullback for UCLA. His training was focused toward utilizing the hills and trails in Siskiyou and Shasta counties.

I share this because many families and individuals trek to our region for physical training such as jogging, running, and multi-sport training. I recorded a sub -4 minute mile many times with a 3:56 best and 800 meters best of 1:45, both world class times in the 80’s.

I was also a dual athlete in my high school years in football and utilized the hills of the region to immense running back skills benefit. I like to think my accomplishments as an NCAA Champion and UCLA Team Captain were earned in Castella.

Within Siskiyou and Shasta counties running trails and hills abound. These conditions are ideal for running, repeat hills training, and cycling as well. You will find excellent trails in the state parks as well as along the Sacramento River. In Castella, for example, miles and miles of hills and trails are offered within the Castle Crags State Park as well as up behind the state park into the hills.

The cool waters of the Sacramento River provide ample cooling to hard trained muscles post training sessions.

So if you are a runner, a former athlete, or an exercise fan, I urge you to consider our area for your recreational and/or professional sports training.


Trevor Theriot, UCLA star junior fullback, carries for first down UCLA vs. Oregon, 2007. Photo by Icon Sports Media