Jilly Rizzo helped guide the Rat Pack and Sinatra north from many nights at Cal Neva. The Mel’s Retreat and Theriot’s Lair Cottage combo features the Sinatra door built to join both cottages giving The Rat Pack plenty of room to play. Two Kitchens and a conference nook. Frank Sinatra demanded a door be built to join the cottages.

Feature list

  • Sleeps 6 incredible Rat Pack mandated breakfast nook full size sofa bed and full size sofa bed located in ornate second master living room.
  • Two fully equipped kitchens with all appliances
  • Two bathrooms and shower
  • Two sofa beds
  • Master bedroom with trundle bed for two and private door to private patio
  • Enormous entertainment deck rebuilt after The Rat Pack use in the 60’
  • Two libraries with two wood stoves
  • Private Patio with BBQ and massive entertainment deck with BBQ

Room Description

The Rat Pack mandated the joinder of these two cottages with Frank Sinatra ordering the building of The Sinatra interior door that joins cottages 4 and 5. The Rat Pack, and famous Sinatra bodyguard Jilly Rizzo frequented Castella in top secret style after many nights at the Cal Neva. From 1926 forward Castella and the Cottages lured the elite in entertainment and riches to the Sacramento Valley. William Randolph Hearst and his entourage, leaders of the Democratic Party, Presidents, JFK and Marilyn, Jimmy Dorsey and the Big Band, and now with owners Brian Theriot and Melissa Crow entertainment moguls www.mcrowgroup.com and www.iguanamediagroup.net, more and more stars and elite flock to Castella to find peace. This combination cottage allows a fine family of children, teens, adults to all have their own privacy yet enjoy a family atmosphere.


All Rates Are Subject to Change

Summer & Holiday Room Rates

$176 – 1 night;
$166 – 2 night
$156 – 3 night;
$146 – 4th and 5th night;
Week rate – $796;
Capacity 6+;
$5 per person after 6;
Plus 10% tax:
Cleaning fee – $75 one time fee


Room Rates

$160 – 1 night;
$150 – 2 night;
$140 – 3 night;
$130 – 4th and 5th night;
Week rate – $715
Cleaning fee – $75 one time fee
24 Hour Reservations

  • 949-632-4650
  • 530-235-4496

Cash or Checks (paid to Theriot Trust)

We also do month to month rentals

Call owner Brian Theriot direct 949-632-4650



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