fly-fishingWestern Anglers Guide Service is co-owned by Brian “Bucko” Theriot Jr., son of Castle Stone Cottages owners Brian Theriot and wife Melissa Crow. Brian Theriot Jr. with partner Dan Giacomaro built Nor Cal’s number one fly fishing guide service as featured on Bucko and Dan first started years ago as Red Hackle Fly Fishing but expanded to the brand Western Anglers Guide Service, a world class fly fishing guide service that incorporates the Castle Stone Cottages in overnight and multiple night stays with guide services if requested. Western Anglers Guide Service offers big fishing. Thirty-five miles of outstanding trout water, easily accessible from Interstate 5 and the railroad grade that follow the river. Railroads follow the river. So it is with the 35-mile stretch of the Upper Sacramento between Lakehead and Cantara. Here, the Upper Sac tumbles through a canyon and down a boulder strewn course, ever widening and smoothing into riffles and runs as it gathers strength from numerous creeks: Soda, Castle, Flume, Shotgun, Slate, and Dog. The Union Pacific’s main north-south line runs along the river’s course as does Interstate 5, yet the pounding of train and truck traffic is muted by aspens, pine, and spruce along the river’s course. Whether with fly, spinner, or bait, for rainbows and browns this area surrounding Castle Stone Cottages is the finest in the West for sport trout fishing. California Game and Fish officials provide heavy stocking. Trout, largely rainbows that have migrated up from Lake Shasta below Lakehead, reached more than 5,000 per mile and continues to grow. Species: Rainbow. Angling methods: spin, bait, and fly-fishing.

At Western Anglers Guide Service we strive to meet our clients needs, providing you with a memorable day on some of northern California’s best Blue Ribbon trout fisheries. We can help you put together whatever fly fishing adventure you might have in mind. We also do specialty trips during the season that allows you to customize your fly fishing experience.

If you book a full day guide service with Western Anglers Fly Guide Service (formerly Red Hackle Fly Fishing) you will receive 20 percent off your stay at Castle Stone Cottage Inn, subject to availability.

Our resort partner of which Brian “Bucko” Theriot is heir:


Brian Bucko TheriotBrian “Bucko” Theriot: Brian has been plying the waters of northern California since he was a young boy. After spending many summers on family vacations in Castella, a mere stones throw from the pristine waters of the Upper Sacramento River, he developed a passion for fly fishing. His passion eventually lead to graduating from the Clearwater Guide School and starting his own guide service while also a star guide for Clearwater Lodge’s guide staff. Brian’s easy going personality and patient demeanor make him a great guide choice for the beginner as well as the seasoned angler looking to learn new techniques on both moving and still waters. Brian’s enthusiasm for flyfishing ensures that you’ll have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Dan GiacomaroDan Giacomaro: Since holding his first flyrod at age 6 Dan has been hooked on fly fishing. An east coast transplant he spent most of his youth fishing the rivers of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York state. After 30 years in the Maritime Industry as a USCG licensed Master he has directed his path back to pursuing his passion for fly fishing. As a graduate of the Clearwater Guide school and co owner of Western Anglers Guide Service his main goal is to pass along his love of fishing to anybody who will listen. A patient instructor with a great sense of humor Dan will make your day on the water a memorable one. Dan is the head instructor of our fly fishing school located a stones throw from the Upper Sacramento River in Castella, CA..


Walk and Wade: Full Day (8 Hours) $425.00

your trip includes Rod/Reel, flies and all terminal tackle. Waders and boots are not included. Lunch and non alcoholic beverages are included.

Walk and Wade: Half Day (5 Hours) $300 your trip includes everything listed above except lunch.

Prices are for 1 or 2 anglers. We can however accommodate an additional angler for $125 for full day and $75 for half day.

Drift Boat: Full Day (8 hours) $425.00
Drift Boat: Half Day (5 hours) $325.00

All tackle is provided on our drift boat trips. Lunch and beverages are included in full day price on half day trips we provide beverages.

Prices are for 1 or 2 anglers

Gratuities for your guide are greatly appreciated.
Secure your reservation with your Visa or M/C. Full deposit is required by personal check, money order or cash within 30 days of scheduled trip date. All rates quoted are cash or check prices. Please send deposit checks to 408 East Lake street, Mount Shasta CA 96067
Call anytime: 949-375-1362

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is fully refundable prior to 14 days of your scheduled trip date. If you cancel within 14 days of your trip the full amount is non-refundable unless we are able to re-book that date for our guides.

Note: A current California state fishing license, wading gear and proper seasonal clothing are the responsibility of the client. As with any outdoor activity we encourage our clients to come prepared for whatever elements Mother Nature has in store for us. In the event of any dangerous conditions which will be determined by our guides i.e. not suitable for fishing waters, hazardous travel, etc., we will issue a rain check or credit for future booking. We do not however issue refunds for weather, client transportation problems or other personal matters.

The City of Mt. Shasta, nestled at the foot of imposing 14,162-foot Mount Shasta (4,317 m), is surrounded by natural beauty and offers many year-round outdoor activities. The mountain is the second highest volcano in the continental United States and has been a prominent landmark along the historic Siskiyou Trail — the track of an ancient trade and travel route of Native American footpaths between California’s Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest. Today’s version of the Siskiyou Trail is Interstate 5, which provides easy access to the City of Mt. Shasta, located midway between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

Castle Stone Inn urges you to visit all we have to offer in the area by visiting here:

I am Brian Theriot and you can call me anytime as I live at the resort and in Southern California USA: 949-632-4650. You can text me your email address or email me at: and I will send to you an introductory letter. My wife is Melissa Crow and we are devoted to Castella. I grew up here and trained for 3 Olympic Games. The environs and training allowed me to run the mile in 3:56 and 800 meters in 1:45, serve as UCLA Captain and NCAA Champion. I raised for kids with my wife, Trevor Moose Theriot (UCLA star football player), Tina Theriot entertainment executive, Danielle Theriot Specialist In Recovery, Bucko Theriot Nor Cal’s finest fly fisherman guide service. Get to know us:;, Brian Theriot on FB, Castle Stone Cottage Inn on FB, and Interview with Brian Theriot – UCLA Sprinter turned Pro 800/Mile. We are also on VRBO

If you book a full day fly guide with Bucko Theriot you get 20% off your lodging after you complete your fly guide trip:

What to bring: if winter we have wood but bring starter fire sticks beyond what we supply.

We supply starter roll toilet paper. You really only need to worry about a few extras such as paper towels and your groceries. We have a local market: Ammiratis. is just six miles from us. Lovely Dunsmuir.

The cottages are historic. We have a town of 100 people. This is a quiet place. Your pets are okay but keep on leash.

You will have a great time. The kids too. Bring river tennis shoes to swim in the summer. Fun to wear river rubber shoes while swimming or surf booties. We have a swim hole on the turn step out left of the cottages further left under the bridge of the train is another swim hole. You can tube the river with the kids. Short run is from our place on the turn down to the next bridge. Easy walk back. You get out under the bridge. Or keep going down to Sweetbriar another half mile. Fun. Get out there and walk back to Castella with your tubes OR have someone pick you up at the Sweetbriar bridge. Castella is a town of 200 people. The road my cottages are on is a loop that you can take all the way around town and back. 1 mile. We have one store. Ammiratis Market. Great beers. Candies. Breakfast burritos. Some groceries. Buy your groceries in bulk in Dunsmuir market. In Castella you will want to visit the lower state park a mile a way. Ask Nick or Gina at the store how to get there. There is a path in the lower park that runs along the river. A rope bridge. Fun. You might have to pay a few bucks to park. Nick or Gina or anyone at the store can help you. Post office is right next door. Fishing is great if you bait or fly fish. Our swim hole has a rope swing. You can buy tubes on amazon or at the hardware stores in Mt. Shasta. In Castella you have the lower State Park across the lower Castella main bridge or the main Castle Crags State Park where you can drive in, pay, and park up the hill. Hike to the fabulous Castle Crags Dome. About a 2 hours hike. Bring water.

SKI SHASTA IN THE WINTER. We are 25 minutes from the slopes.

The Cottages are fully furnished. You have a BBQ too. All else is provided. We have DirectTV in all cottages and DVD Players.

We have WI FI at the cottages NOT FOR WATCHING MOVIES AS WE ARE ON LIMITED BANDWIDTH, but great for research and emails.

Please note. We have DirectTV. The WI FI is for Website looking and email TV and Movies can run you $80.000 a gigabyte. Beware.

Mt. Shasta is just 14 miles north. You take the kids to the fish hatchery. Thousands of trout. feed them. shop in town. and visit Lake Siskiyou. Fun. There is an entire kids area at the lake. Take a lunch. slides…jumpers…fun.

Dunsmuir is 6 miles north of us. fun… eat at cornerstone bakery. Try Pizza Factory for the kids. great local hardware store. When you check in at Cave Springs to get your keys ask louie or sylvia to show you the path to the park near them if you want to see it later. Dunsmuir is an epic town. You will want to shop the stores on main street and Sacramento Avenue. Mossbrae falls below is epic. The kids will love it. Cold water but walk over to the falls and under them. If your kids swim great. At that age even inner tubing I would wear a life jacket small just in case. The river is shallow near our cottages. But with kids always be safe. Also in Dunsmuir you will want to try railroad cafe it is great food. You will want to take the kids to the old haunted mortuary house in Dunsmuir. Ask for Nancy she is my friend. Take pictures on the old train car near the pool and park in town. Fine dining at Se Thongs or the world famous white linen Maddalena Restaurant. Spirits Sports Bar is always fun.

Why not visit Lake Siskiyou and swim, fish, just relax. or Take off to Lake Shasta. Maybe rent a houseboat or here is a fun one visit Shasta Caverns.

Maybe head up to Burney Falls: or dip in at McCloud Falls: In short…no place in the world has what we offer.

Here is a link to Mossbrae Falls. Talk to Louie or Sylvia (530) 235-2721 at Cave Springs Resort, our property managers, on check in. you will park in a residential zone walk across tracks and up river 1/2 mile to get to falls. Not an easy walk and watch out for trains. The kids will love it. But not the walk. Take a lunch and eat by the falls. Get your lunch at Manfredis market in Dunsmuir and the entrance to Dunsmuir coming north. Best subs in the world.

Key to remember these swim spots. On the turn near the cottages is a great swim spot. Also as you crossed the tracks to get to the cottages under the bridge is great. Next. Take a trip south and get off at Sims Road. Follow it down to the open area. Park near the tracks. Walk up river 100 yards to the right is deep swim holes. Next make sure you visit the lower Castle Crags State Park near the cottages. Instead of coming off the freeway and turning right to the cottages go left to the first bridge. Go over the bridge and take a left. First left is lower state park. Park there. Pay to park sometimes. Walk up the river trail and along the river. Beautiful and it dead ends at a great swim area. Now a longer trip south is to Volmers. 22 miles. Huge swim area at Volmers.

Sacramento River tubing is a blast

Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery always immense fun. And visit the Museum

The Castle Stone Cottages are adjacent to the Sacramento River

Get your tubes

We have trains so get ready for the fun..and a swim hole under this bridge near cottages

You can hike to the dome on the far right from the State Park

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